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 About Cadobaz Estate 

Cadobaz is as a place to gather and create precious moments of friendship and good will, moments to stimulate the mind, the senses and the soul. 


Cadobaz is a celebration of beauty, and its creation availed itself of the splendor of nature. The spectacular setting, the lake, the trees and the stars, offered an irresistible canvas to our eager palette.


In 2006, a party at my house brought one hundred and twenty of my good friends to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, and commemorate the resolution of a conflict where commitment, resilience and resolve triumphed over adversity. That party ignited the concept of Cadobaz. Many more friends would come, I thought, hundreds, perhaps thousands. We would share our passion for togetherness, for entertainment, for culture and the arts. Design and construction began immediately. Two years later, we hosted our first major event: 


Cadobaz derives its name from its location: CADwallader Sonk Rd, Of BAZetta, OH. Fortuitously, CAD proved a perfect acronym for its intended purpose: Culture, Arts and Dining. 


Cadobaz became the home of the Avamar Foundation, which was founded shortly thereafter and whose mission it has been to help the needy elderly pay for prescription medication. We have since organized an annual gala, "An Evening Under the Stars ", which has brought many guests from our community and from distant localities. The memories created during those events are indelible. (

(A)Lady Kindness

Lady Kindness was conceived six years ago, amidst strife and division in our country and in the world, and its execution spanned the years of the COVID pandemic, deepened our wounds. Time may not, but kindness will, heal all wounds! Kindness is boundless and powerful. Lady Kindness offers a rose, symbol of love, to each and every one, but especially to the neglected, the abandoned, the forgotten. 

   Lady Kindness is designed in Hellenistic grandeur, its floral detail fashioned in art-deco style. It is entirely built of white Carrara marble, weighing nearly 80 tons. It is robotically carved and hand polished. With its Corinthian pedestal, it stands tall at 29.3 feet. It is, to our knowledge, the largest ever robotically carved marble sculpture. To our knowledge, it is also the tallest freestanding marble sculpture in America. It is constructed to brave the Ohio weather and destined to dwell under the firmament. 

   Having communicated my vision to stone carver Dale Johnson of Sunbury, OH, he molded the model in clay, while portraitist Laura Bush sculpted the face. Subsequently,  the team from Garfagnana Innovazione scanned the model, sourced the marble and milled it. It was eventually erected at Cadobaz in November 2023.

   The technology of robotic stone carving is relatively new. It was featured in the December 2023 issue of Smithsonian magazine.  A breakthrough development, it may supplant manual carving in years to come.


(B)The Bridge to Kindness

Based on a design idea which I submitted, the Bridge to Kindness was developed by architects David Harris,  Will Rich and Nick Greenaway. It provides access to the island, with grace and elegance. 


An act of kindness does not have to be elegant or graceful. The essence of kindness is that it does not discriminate. It is unsolicited and unmerited. In that respect, it mirrors God's grace.


(C) The Serenity Building